Tarnished by Vote-Fraud Investigations, Liberal ACORN New Name ??


ACORN’s global entity, ACORN International, announced June 17 that it has changed its name to “Community Organizations International.”

Speculation is rampant that the parent ACORN organization, whose formal name is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is considering a name-change as well.

The rebranding is seen as an indication that mounting fraud allegations are taking a heavy toll.

“This may indeed be the beginning of an ACORN network-wide rebranding, but a rotten ACORN by any other name still stinks,” Matthew Vadum. Read More

I agree with you Matthew Vadum, ACORN under any name is a shameful Liberal rotten Obama political group! I don’t see any way ACORN can hide from the American people no matter what it does. This American will tell any ACORN member to get off my land if or when they come to my door for any reason! I’m sure that many Americans feel the same as I.


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