NYC teachers are paid to do nothing (playing Scrabble)

Hundreds of New York City public school teachers accused of offenses ranging from insubordination to sexual misconduct are being paid their full salaries to sit around all day playing Scrabble, surfing the Internet or just staring at the wall, if that’s what they want to do.

Because their union contract makes it extremely difficult to fire them, the teachers have been banished by the school system to its “rubber rooms”—off-campus office space where they wait months, even years, for their disciplinary hearings.

The 700 or so teachers can practice yoga, work on their novels, paint portraits of their colleagues—pretty much anything but school work. They have summer vacation just like their classroom colleagues and enjoy weekends and holidays through the school year.

“You just basically sit there for eight hours,” said Orlando Ramos, who spent seven months in a rubber room, officially known as a temporary reassignment center, in 2004-05. “I saw several near-fights. ‘This is my seat.’ ‘I’ve been sitting here for six months.’ That sort of thing.” The Denver Post

This is going on in New York while thousands of teachers across America has lost their jobs because lack of money to pay their wages! What do the teachers thats lost their jobs think about this? This Country is in a hurt under the Obama rule! And yes I feel he is a ruler not a president!


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  1. On the other hand, it could be worth it. How much should we be willing to pay to disestablish the government’s education system?

  2. Reading this article seriously angers me. Thousands of people have lost their jobs in this s**thole economy and yet these “teachers” are paid to do NOTHING. ALL of these 700 teachers need to be given the pink slip pronto. There are more QUALIFIED individuals than these 700 teachers that can DO the job and make a difference in kids lives.

    These 700 “teachers” are NOTHING but a WASTE of taxpayers money. I’m surprised there’s not a lynch mob organizing in New York. These teachers give others a bad name. They give the whole education/school system concept a bad name. Nobody needs to wonder why education in general is a “joke”.

    This article is just sickening beyond belief.

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