California cuts tax exemptions for kids

To help balance its budget, California has reduced the state tax credit for dependents.
The change will increase a family’s California taxes for 2009 by about $210 per dependent compared with 2008.

A family with one dependent that normally gets a state-tax refund will get back $210 less when they file their 2009 return next year. A family that normally owes money will have to pay $210 more. Multiply that by two or more dependents, and it really adds up. Read More

Oh well! Barack is sure helping out the economy, right? NO he is making things worst with his policies! His big spending is going mostly to big companies and not to the American people, jobs are going to his big money supporters while teachers and other workers are losing their jobs accross America. Many are turning to wel-fare!


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  1. Oh, that was the last round. The Democrats have a whole new set of taxes and fees for the new budget. They’ve driven out the tax payers and replaced them with tax takers. Now you have to ask, “what part of ‘no money’ do they not understand?”

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