A Letter from Mousavi’s Office To Obama

From the Office of Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi

To the President of the USA, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama:

Dear Mr. President,

In the name of the Iranian people, we want you to know that when you recently made the statement “Achmadinejad or Mousavi? Two of a kind,” we consider this as a grave and deep insult, not just to Mr. Mousavi but especially against the judgment of the Iranian people, against our moral conviction and intelligence, especially those of the young generation that comprises a population of 31 million.

It is a specially grave insult for those who are now fighting for democracy and freedom, and an unwarranted gift and even praise for Mr. Khamenei, whose security forces are now killing peaceful Iranians in the streets of every major city in the country.

Your statement misled the people of the world.
By such statements, your administration and you discourage the Iranian people, who believe and trust in the values of democracy and freedom. Read More


U.S. Exports to Iran up in Obama’s First Months

Iran spent nearly twice as much on U.S. imports during President Barack Obama’s first months in office as it did during the same period in 2008, showing that despite trade penalties and tense relations, the two countries are still doing business.

The U.S. exported $96 million in goods to Iran from January through April, according to an Associated Press analysis of U.S. government trade data compiled by the World Institute for Strategic Economic Research in Holyoke, Mass. U.S. exports to Iran totaled $51 million during the same period in 2008 and $27 million over those months in 2007. Read more


Gordon Brown vs. Obama on Iran
As the U.S. sat wringing its hands, Mr. Obama’s counterpart in London was terribly blunt and clear about the situation in Iran.

“We are with others, including the whole of the European Union unanimously today, in condemning the use of violence, in condemning media suppression,” Brown said in Brussels after an EU summit.

“It is for Iran now to show the world that the elections have been fair that the repression and the brutality that we have seen in these last few days is not something that is going to be repeated.”

“We want Iran to be part of the international community and not to be isolated. But it is for Iran to prove that they can respect these basic rights,” he said.

Compare those statements with the tepid Obama White House, claiming they don’t want to appear “meddling” in Iran’s internal affairs. Read More

I have news for you, Obama has not only misled the people of the World bu has lied to the American people from the start of his campaign to become president. Obama is a weak president allowing Iran, NK, and other countries to run over him. Another Jimmy Carter I would say!


(1) They killed Neda, but not her voice By Michelle Malkin


2 comments on “A Letter from Mousavi’s Office To Obama

  1. One of the Power Line guys set up a poll, asking readers to vote on why they think Barky is bobbling the Iran situation. Last time I checked, “clueless” was leading. I disagree. Obama doesn’t like the US of A, and he always starts with the premise that exercising power on behalf of our national interests, or even in a vaguish way on behalf of freedom, is a bad thing.

  2. From Andy McCarthy on NRO’s Corner

    “The key to understanding Obama, on Iran as on other matters, is that he is a power-politician of the hard Left : He is steeped in Leftist ideology, fueled in anger and resentment over what he chooses to see in America’s history, but a “pragmatist” in the sense that where ideology and power collide (as they are apt to do when your ideology becomes less popular the more people understand it), Obama will always give ground on ideology (as little as circumstances allow) in order to maintain his grip on power.”

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