Illinois suspends funerals for poor / Paupers will go straight to potter’s field


For the poor, it’s a final indignity, funeral directors say:

The state of lllinois is suspending payments for funerals for the indigent.

That money $1,103 that goes to the funeral home, $552 for the cemetery can make the difference between a modest service and a burial in a potter’s field, said John Baran of Baran Funeral Home, 2644 N. Central Ave. Read More

Give it to the government, they sure look after the poor as Obama kept saying they would! Do you think that this is looking out for you poor voters that can not afford funeral cost? Obama don’t mind giving billion to big companies while alowing the poor and middle income Americans to suffer! lllinois is Obama’s home state and it shows what kind of corrupt law makers comes from their!