Voight blasted Obama as “a false prophet”

Peter Hamby: Actor Jon Voight, an outspoken conservative who stars in the popular television series “24,” emceed the event. In his opening comments, Voight blasted President Obama as “a false prophet” and “a soft-spoken Caesar” who bullies Israel and employed pleasant-sounding language to dupe the country into voting for him last November.

“Ayers, Wright, Pfleger, Alinsky,” he said, listing some of the liberal figures who became flash points in the 2008 race. “It didn’t matter one iota. Obama portrayed himself as a moderate, but turned out to be wildly radical.” Read More

Obama is a Muslim and has lied to the American people from the start of his campaign.
He has no experience and its showing it now that his spending spree is not working except to bankrupt America as Bin Laden wanted to do!


(1) Jon Voight speaks By Michelle Malkin With Video