‘Play or Pay’ Democrats Health Care Plan

Senior House Democrats drafting health care legislation are considering slapping an unspecified financial penalty on anyone who refuses to purchase affordable health insurance, a key committee chairman said Monday.

In addition, officials said Democrats are considering a new tax on certain health insurance benefits as one of numerous options to help pay for expanding coverage to the uninsured. No details on the tax were immediately available, and no final decisions were expected until next week at the earliest.
These officials said drafters of the legislation will include a government-run insurance option as well as plans offered by private companies. The government option draws near-unanimous opposition from Republicans and provokes concerns among many Democrats, as well, although President Barack Obama has spoken out in favor of it. Read More

Americans will be forced to buy health care insurance under the plan of the democrats. The democrats are considering a new tax on certain health insurance benefits which will in fact make health care insurance more expensive for Americans. Come on people is this what you really want?


One comment on “‘Play or Pay’ Democrats Health Care Plan

  1. Many very poor persons, low income, and others, would loose out if they are forced to buy Health Insurance, and they are already in great need of food, and other necessary things.
    While Health Insurance is importnat, many persons never ascess Health care unless they become very sick, or have a crisis situation, or the go to an ER.
    The proposed plan to Socialize the system, is a very grave mistake. Look at the British, Canadian, and Third World Health Systems. Many people die due to LIMITS BEING PLACED ON TREATMENT AND OTHER NESESSARY PROCEDURES to sustain life. it would make more sense to keep the system as it is, and have both private, and some general system.
    Those who pay for insurance, and some tax is already being used to pay for others who cannot afford to pay anyway.
    The country is already in a financial mess, to load it with more major burdness is a very crazy way to do things.
    More careful planning should be in place first before a decision is made.
    God bless America.

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