Obama’s War funding bill has been put aside!

Barack Obama’s penchant for last-minute demands, and a rebellion by liberal allies over his efforts to block the release of detainee abuse photos, have combined to sidetrack his bill to pay for an expanded war in Afghanistan as well as continuing military operations in Iraq.
The $100 billion measure is awaiting a House-Senate conference committee after winning easy approval last month in both chambers, but an emerging compromise on the bill has become caught in the crosscurrents coming from both Obama’s left and right on Capitol Hill.
The upshot is that the administration faces a choice: Drop the line of credit to the International Monetary and win back Republicans, or give into the liberal revolt and quit using all means to block the release and publication of photos detailing harsh treatment of terrorism detainees.

“It’s a bill-killer, especially if the administration wants IMF (funding),” Frank said of the FOIA exemptions the White Houses wants for the detainee photos. “I’ve conveyed that.”
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The honeymoon is over and now Obama has to get down off his mountain and work at getting bills passed! His spending spree has not worked and congress will read bills now before voting on them.


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  1. Read an interesting article today about anti-war protests going on across the street from W’s home. Of course, they were led by our friend Cindy Sheehan. Suppose, BHO will ever have to deal with such?

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