Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty Slams Obama

“You are soon going to see the nationalization under the Obama administration of the energy industry,” Pawlenty added. “And that, of course, puts the politicians and people making decisions that the market and private businesses should be making.”

Pawlenty told Cavuto politicians will chide the auto industry over size of cars and what they should do about business decisions and dealership decisions.

“That is not the proper province for the United States Congress,” Pawlenty said. “That should be a private decision.

Pawlenty, laying out talking points for a potential challenge to President Barack Obama in 2012, said the U.S. is going to be a very different country 12 or 24 months from now, and it’s headed in the wrong direction in terms of government micromanaging or intervening, and, worse yet, funding and subsidizing and taking over entire parts of our economy.

“This is not the United States of America that we know and love and remember,” he lamented. “This looks like some sort of a republic from South America circa 1970s.” Read More

The wel-fare state is already here with 16% of our income coming from the government. Is this what you voted for. a wel-fare state?


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