Barack Obama Backs Off Lofty Lobbying Pledge

So much for the Obama administration’s effort to curb the power of big-time lobbyists.

On Friday, the White House dropped a ban on federal lobbyists verbally contacting government agency officials to discuss projects that are part of the $787 billion fiscal stimulus package.

The policy was adjusted after a 60-day review period. During that time the White House received complaints from watchdog groups and lobbyists alike, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American League of Lobbyists and the AFL-CIO. Read More

Obama’s stimulus package seem to be losing more jobs than its Creating! Teachers across America is losing jobs, companies are still laying off workers and Obama’s GM motors are getting rid of workers! The only news jobs is the ones thats making the government bigger! The more jobs lost the less workers paying taxes so the few that still have jobs will be paying higher taxes and the jobless will be paying higher prices for food and living expensives!
Asked those that are now jobless if Obama’s stimulus package is working and see what they have to say!