Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad a Muslim Gunman Targeted U.S. Military Recruiting Center


A police report based on an interview with the suspect says Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, 23, told police he observed two soldiers in uniform, drove up to the recruiting center in Little Rock and started shooting.

“He saw them standing there and drove up and shot them,” Lt. Terry Hastings told The Associated Press. “That’s what he said.”

Muhammad had converted to Islam at some point in his life and interviews with police show he “probably had political and religious motives for the attack,” Police Chief Stuart Thomas said.
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Mitt Romney to Obama: Stop Apologizing to America’s Critics
Striking a hard line against Obama while speaking to the conservative Heritage Foundation, Romney said Britain’s Guardian newspaper wrote that Obama has been more critical of his own country while on foreign soil than any other president in American history.

“The president also claimed on Arabic TV that America has dictated to other nations,” Romney said. “No, America has sacrificed to free nations from dictators.” Keep Reading

I agree Romney, I think that the apologizing should be coming from the Muslim terrorist to the American people, as it was muslim terrorist that attacked and killed over 3000 Americans on 9/11.


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(2) And now this: Shooting at military recruiting center; 1 dead, 1 wounded; suspect is anti-military Muslim convertBy Michelle Malkin


2 comments on “Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad a Muslim Gunman Targeted U.S. Military Recruiting Center

  1. Jihad alive and well in the U. S.
    Now Obama wants to close GITMO and bring foreign jihadists to the U. S. thereby turning our prisons further into government terrorist training camps. Given the record the practice of Islam should be banned in U. S. prisons. Islam is not a religion but an evil cult of intimidation, death and destruction.
    Bob A.

  2. I feel that the truth of Obama being Muslim is starting to come out of his own stupid comments while apologizing to the Muslim terrorist. He also is putting down all the presidents before him as if he is comdemning them for the muslim being so poor and becoming terrorist.
    I keep thinking back to what old Bin Laden said and that was that the next time America would attacked from within its own government. Is Obama that attack? After going on his big spending bill and taking over banks and car companies he bragged about that America is now out of money!
    I think they are finding out that Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad that attacked the Recruiting Center had a list of other Americans to kill and that he was one of a larger group of terrorist! Has Obama said anything to comdemn these terrorist….NO!

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