Obama eligibility most talked about topic on news website


Barack Obama’s elusive long-form birth certificate that would establish his eligibility to serve as president as a “natural born citizen” is the hottest discussion topic at the Fox News Channel’s website.

Under the heading, “Should Obama release his birth certificate? Or is this old news?,” nearly 1,000 comments have been posted – all of them since White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was questioned about the document earlier this week by WND White House correspondent Les Kinsolving.

The rush of posts at the Fox News site makes it the “most talked about” issue, according to a ranking on the right side of the page.

One contributor to the page had this to say: “Not old news, just a burning question that needs an answer, and while your at it, get some of that other hidden, sealed information uncovered like, his passport to Indonesia, his college records, etc. There are so many unanswered questions, and frankly you all dropped the ball before the election.” Read More

Obama’s birth certificate issue is not going away.
What is he hiding from the American people? Has he been lying to the American people of who he really is? Has he been lying about being a Muslim? All these questions needs answers!


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  1. Seems fitting since Barry Soetoro AKA Obama comments about FOX News all the time that they should be the ones to take him down!

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