The truth about Obama and ACORN is Out!

They thought it would go away. They were wrong. Obama and the Left thought ACORN’s scandalous racket was a dead issue. But whistleblowers, investigative bloggers, and talk radio continue to press for transparency and taxpayer accountability. Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King has renewed efforts for congressional hearings into the financial structure of the massive, publicly subsidized activist group and its non-profit affiliates. Judicial Watch sheds light on ACORN’s partnership with the Census.

Left-wing groups in Washington, D.C., are panicked. The New York Times and other Team Obama whitewashers have tried hard to suppress mounting evidence of legally suspect coordination between the Obama presidential campaign, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), and Obama’s old employer Project Vote (ACORN’s non-profit canvassing arm). Alas, the truth keeps seeping out. Much More To Read Thanks to Michelle Malkin and many more

Thanks to Michelle Malkin, Rep. Steve King, Glenn Beck, Mike Gaynor and Judicial Watch for bring this information out so we the people could see for our self what Obama and Acorn was all about!


(1) Folks, the ACORN Fraud is Unraveling… by Mr. Harrington