Black African Americans Rethink Democratic Party

Barbara Howard: It is the same party ( Democratic Party )that created the segregationist Jim Crow Laws, beating and killing numerous civil rights workers who fought against those laws and for their dignity and freedom in a nonviolent revolution.

Why are they silent today when even the most astute black person thinks it was the FBI under a Republican administration instead of Democrat J. Edgar Hoover under Democratic Attorney General Robert Kennedy during the Democratic administration of John F. Kennedy that tapped Dr. King’s phones and had him (and them) under constant surveillance, defining them as communists?

A black minister once said to me that he hated the Republican Party because it had never done anything for black folk during his lifetime of over 50 years. Why would he think that?

They are not told that black Republican pioneer Dr. Arthur Fletcher is known as the father of affirmative action, serving as secretary of labor under President Richard Nixon and heading the U.S. Civil Rights Commission under President George H.W. Bush. Read More

The blacks are finding out that Obama gives them pennuts while giving big banks and big companies along with the elite billions of dollars, and at the same time blacks and whites both are losing jobs, paying higher prices and will soon be paying back the trillions of dollars that Obama has spent. Thats right, not only will the white kids being paying this money back but also the black kids will be doing the same.


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  1. Blacks tend to be loyal to the Democrats. Many also voted for Obama because he is Black, sending a message to the Whites, whom they blame for slavery, and all their problems. There is also a lot of HATE.
    Many are now regretting this, but remain silent, and suffer. Many have little fear of, or concern for the future, HARD TIMES is a way of life for them. They survive some how, while others cannot make it.
    In my opinion, many may not vote in the future for anyone, Black or White.
    The Hispanics will then be the dominating factor in another election.
    Many Blacks still support OBAMA, AND CAN SEE NO WRONG.
    keep in mind that they follow their Leaders, and there is really no voice to lead them. Obama may be the P.O.T.U.S, but he never experience their struggle like King, and the other Civil Rights persons.
    The Black Church generally is really suffering greatly, drop in membership, loss of income, unable to help the poor, and many Preachers are now telling the people to RELY ON GOD MORE.
    Many are afraid that the people will blame them for directing them to vote for OBAMA. Blacks really do not support each other, and may turn against OBAMA in the long run, if their needs are not met.

  2. Interesting post, George the Vet. Come Nov of next year, it may be that nothing the regime has done will have worked, at least for the overall economy. All out of Hope, all Change for the worse. But Obie will still be black. How black voters respond to the situation will tell us a lot about the country’s immediate future.

    And another big amnesty push by the Left could cost the Dems a chunk of the black vote, too.

  3. I can not see any white or black family that does not understand that Obama lied to both, he has hurt all Americans alike. He is giving to the big companies and big doners of his campaign while not helping any poor or middle income white or black Americans. The poor is becoming poorer and the middle income is becoming poor while the rich is getting Americans tax money. In other words its a pay to play by Obama anyway you look at it.
    Prices are still climbing and making it harder for poor and middle income Americans to provide for their families.

    Nothing is getting better, everything is getting worst under Obama.

    Here in my State of North Carolina the house proposed a state budget last week that would fire 11,000 teachers, teacher assistants, assistant principals and instructional support personnel. Ask those 11,000 workers if Obama’s policies are working to help them.

  4. Last August I watched the Black Republicans Convention and cheered by the messages I heard. One dynamic lady – and I can’t remember her name just that she had a military background – came out and stated that we needed to give people a hand up NOT a hand out. She was fabulous. I had hoped to see her and her group flourish during the election campaign. They disappeared! All of this talent, all of this common sense, all of this public outcry that Obama did not deserve to be elected regardless of his skin color and that the values of the Republican Party were the ones which best served the black community. And nowhere did I see this message blasted on radio, TV and bill boards across the country. What were the Republicans who managed McCain’s campaign thinking? I only hope that Steele meets these wonderful people and helps get the word out.

  5. What will the people think when they find out about the 28 new Marine 1 helicopters costing over 1.3 Trillion Dollars?
    Many Americans going hungry, and in dispair, and now teachers to loose their jobs. What will become of the children, who needs an education?

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