Obama administration Protecting Black Panthers That Wielded Weapons, Blocked Polls – Video

Political appointees overruled career lawyers and ended a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day, according to documents and interviews.

The incident – which gained national attention when it was captured on videotape and distributed on YouTube – had prompted the government to sue the men, saying they violated the 1965 Voting Rights Act by scaring would-be voters with the weapon, racial slurs and military-style uniforms. Read More


The Obama administration ignores voter intimidation

Imagine if Ku Klux Klan members had stood menacingly in military uniforms, with nightsticks, in front of a polling place. Add to it that they had hurled racial threats and insults at voters who tried to enter.

Now suppose that the government, backed by a nationally televised video of the event, had won a court case against the Klansmen except for the perfunctory filing of a single, simple document – but that an incoming Republican administration had moved to voluntarily dismiss the already-won case.

Surely that would have been front-page news, with a number of firings at the Justice Department.
The Washington Times

The Chicago pay to play style Obama administration may have open the doors for Skin heads and KKK to be stationed at the polling place next election. I don’t care for any one of the three groups but If the hate group Black Panthers are allowed to then the skin heads and KKK should be don’t you think? I have said all along that Obama will set the civil rights back 20 years or more and now he’s proving that by protecting hate groups such as The Black Panthers!


(1) Why is the Obama Justice Department protecting New Black Panthers?By Michelle Malkin

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2 comments on “Obama administration Protecting Black Panthers That Wielded Weapons, Blocked Polls – Video

  1. Goodtimepolitics: I moved this from another post that lukemcgook said he made a mistake and posted on wrong issue!

    lukemcgook: This is interesting. I was just now reading an article on Herr Hitler’s political tactics. Foremost was “the Pincer,” described thus:

    Hitler went to work as a pincer. At the top the NSDAP took part in democracy as a legitimate party. At the bottom “the activists” terrorized his opponents. Hitler maintained sufficient distance from his activists to prevent legal and public-relations trouble.

    So, intimidating opponents in Panther fashion has a long progressive pedigree. Also, regarding those tactics of the modern Euro-left that harken back to good old National Socialist days,

    Officially, the leftist parties keep themselves well-distanced from this terror. But there are many links between them.

    Firstly, the puppets are often the same. Many leftist politicians have a history in activism.

    Secondly, the living costs of the activists are paid for by leftist parties, through benefits and grants.

    With regard to housing we must congratulate the leftist politicians on their inventiveness. Hitler arranged “affordable rent” by law. But by squatting, our present politicians arrange for rent-free housing for their activists. It is no coincidence that the losing parties, the property owners, are not supporters of the leftist parties.

    ACORN, anyone? Morgage assistance? Cramdowns? The whole new O-buffet of handouts furthers not just the dreamny “social justice” ends of the sentimental Left, but the practical political aims of aspiring tyrants.

    Ja, wir können!

  2. It is easy to figure why he is doing this. As for ACORN when the census is being done I will have to ask the census taker if they are part of ACORN unless it is displayed on their ID. If so I will refuse to give any information. This brings up a point that we need to contact our representatives and demand that any census taker not hired directly by the census bureau have the organization name prominently displayed
    Bob A.

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