State Politicians Fighting Idea Of Sending Guantanamo Inmates To Colorado’s Supermax

Several Colorado politicians are fighting the idea of bringing inmates from the Guantanamo detention camp to Supermax in Colorado.

Obama forcefully defended his plans to close the Guantanamo detention camp Thursday and said some of the terror suspects held there would be brought to top-security prisons in the United States despite fierce opposition in Congress.
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Read more about Gitmo terrorist below!

Forty-eight terror suspects currently held at Guantanamo Bay are waiting to be released to other nations, the Obama administration said Thursday. The detainees are among 50 detainees whose cases President Barack Obama said Thursday have already been reviewed. The detainees would be the first to be released to other nations under the Obama administration’s effort to empty the Cuba-based prison without bringing all its inmates to the United States.

Pentagon data from January suggests at least 61 detainees have either rejoined or are suspected of returning to the fight against the United States after being released from Guantanamo. Read More

I don’t blame them for not wanting the Gitmo terrorist in their State! No one wants them not even their own countries! Obama don’t seem to care what the American people wants and or what congress wants. He rather listen to the Gitmo terrorist and do what they want. Do you want Islam terrorist living next door to you?


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