Obama pressuring Bank of America board change – The Obama take over!

A report Friday said federal officials are pressuring Bank of America Corp to revamp its board and bring in directors with more banking experience.

The story in The Wall Street Journal called the regulators’ move “unusual” as the government does not own a stake in the company, and most of the bank’s problems are the result of its purchase of Merrill Lynch Co., which was advised by regulators.
Bank of America spokesman Scott Silvestri declined to comment on the report, but said every bank that participated in the recent U.S. stress tests was advised to review its board and management.

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Obama will keep on until he has control over all the banks, all the large companies and all your healthcare! And once he has that in hand he will come after what-ever you and I have left! If you can not see this taking place then you’re totally blind!


5 comments on “Obama pressuring Bank of America board change – The Obama take over!

  1. Power. For the Left, it’s always about power, power, power. They must have the power to remake America. They must have the power to lift us up and make us as virtuous as they. They’re not sure now much power it will take to do the job, so they’ll be on the safe side and grab all the power we’ll let ’em grab.

  2. How can we call this man a president, when in fact he acts and does as a dictator?

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