Obama the Destroyer of America

If somebody were deliberately trying to undermine the very fabric of these United States, he would first vow not just to change its policies but to completely “change America,” and then would do just about everything Barack Obama already has begun to do as president.

To undermine this nation, he would attack the essential sanctity of…….
Source: The American Spectator

When will the American people wake up and see whats going on with our government?


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  1. Usurperville, Mr. Barry Soetoro, 1600 Kendonesia Ave. NW …
    “I am officially changing the new name for Washington,D.C. to USURPERVILLE. Pass this name on in your postings and letters. …
    citizenwells.wordpress.com/…/usurperville-mr-barry-soetoro-1600-kendonesia-ave-nw-usurperville-d-c-20500-spread… – 47k – Cached – Similar pages

  2. And worst of all, he would propose unprecedented and underhanded use of a parliamentary maneuver called “reconciliation” to ease the way to an irrevocable government takeover of an entire major sector of the economy — health care — without adequate debate and with firm knowledge that the takeover could lead to serious health care rationing and even government-determined decisions on life and death.

    To most of us who read this blog, it’s clear that government medicine is the beginning of the end; but there are great chunks of the electorate who believe O-care to be the answer to all their health concerns. Here’s what looks like a good site you can direct the feeble-minded Oids to, perhaps disabusing them of the idea that “free” health care is really free … or health care, for that matter.

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