UPDATE 07 May – Criminal charges filed against ACORN


The complaint includes 26 counts of voter fraud and 13 counts for compensating those registering voters, both felonies.

“Nevada will not tolerate violations of the law by individuals nor will it allow corporations to hide behind or place blame on their employees when training manuals clearly detail, condone and, indeed, require illegal acts in performing the job for the corporation,” Masto said during a media conference today.
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Unreal. ACORN Will Participate in Obama Census

ACORN, the scandal-plagued organization with close ties to Barack Obama, will be assisting Obama and Democrats with the US census.

Well, Obama did promise this corrupt bunch that they would help shape his administration: Video and rest of story

UPDATE: 07 May

ACORN workers charged with forging voter registrations

Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. today charged seven employees of ACORN the left-leaning Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now with forgery and election law violations, saying they filed hundreds of fraudulent voter registrations during last year’s general election. Keep reading…

The courts should dig back into Acorn’s records for all the money gave to them by Obama and then used for getting votes during his campaign!

(1) Deadbeat Dem’s crummy house back in the news


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