UPDATE: Iran’s response – Israeli Planes Prepare for Airstrike on Iran – Obama Endangers Israel – Israel Calls Up Missile Reservists


Israeli Planes Prepare for Airstrike on Iran

While the U.S. is preparing for talks with Iran, Israel appears to be preparing for an attack, according to a plethora of media reports.

Israel Air Force planes conducted exercises between Israel and Gibraltar, including midair refueling, according to a report published Saturday in the French weekly L’Express. The writer speculated that the distance of the exercises that were carried out, 2,361 miles (3,800 km) from Israel, appeared to confirm that the IDF is preparing to attack Iran if Teheran continues its refusal to end its nuclear program.

Two weeks ago, the London-based Sunday Times reported that Israel plans to attack Iran’s nuclear reactor using three AWAC planes. Read More

Obama Endangers Israel

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that the Obama administration is endangering Israel through its reckless engagement with Iran and the Arab world.

“They are systematically setting up the most decisive confrontation that we’ve ever seen,” Gingrich told the Post, referring to news reports about the administration’s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

He called the administration’s efforts to engage Iran a “fantasy,” that would set up a foreign policy conflict with the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He summed up Obama’s approach as “the clearest adoption of weakness since Jimmy Carter.”
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Israel Calls Up Missile Reservists

Israel has called up its air force reservists to sharpen their skills on Arrow and Patriot anti-missile systems in case of a conflict with Iran, The Jerusalem Post reported Sunday. Keep reading….


General Commander of Iranian Army: “I do not think we will need more than 11 days to wipe Israel out of existence”

Over voice: Nothing can prevent Iranian missiles from targeting the heart of Israel, if Iran is subjected to a military strike by Israel. This was the response of the Iranian military commanders to the Israeli statements about a possible military strike against Iran, because of its insistence on obtaining nuclear energy. Yet an [Israeli] attack seems improbable to the Iranians, because Tel Aviv does not have the ability to go through a war with Tehran.

Iranian Chief-of-Staff General Hassan Firouzabadi: We are fully prepared to confront any attack that would threaten the interests of Iran. We have sufficient means and the necessary force to defend our territory.
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Obama’s foreign policy will cause more problems than we already have! This will be Obama’s doings and not President Bush! Do you have any opinions on this issue?