UPDATED May 04 – Voted for Obama – are you happy now? H.R. 1913

Alittle about the picture above! This lady is standing up for her Freedom of speech and religions liberty all by herself 7 to 8 hours daily on the Court House steps in Whiteville North Carolina for over a week now! I talked to her today and she said that its not for her, but for the young Americans! She has no set date of when she will stop her protest! My hat is off to her for being strong where many are not!



The lady now has help, there were five people protesting just before I got to the Court House to take this picture!  If you’re near by and agree with these ladies then why not join in and let your voice be heard by the government!


Christians who voted for Obama – are you happy now?

Here are just some of the “changes” that his Election Day supporters — which reportedly included millions of professed Christians — can revel in as a result of his first 100 days in office:

• President Obama signed an executive order that effectively provides federal taxpayer funding of abortions worldwide.
• President Obama nominated David Ogden to the #2 position at the Department of Justice. Ogden has a long history as a legal advocate for the porn industry. How does this appointment help the American family?
• Democratic leadership, in concert with the White House, is currently working on passing “hate crimes” legislation (H.R. 1913). This bill seriously jeopardizes religious freedom of speech in America. A pastor’s sermon on the issue of sexual orientation, for example, could be considered “hate speech” under the already-passed House version of the bill — and prosecutable under federal law.  Read the other 9 Obama changes


Please Consider Making Your Voice Heard on This One
April 28 2009 *Congress is set to give legally protected status to 30 sexual orientations, including incest.* Because of pressure from homosexual groups, Congress has refused to define what is meant by “sexual orientation” in H.R. 1913, the “/Hate Crimes”/ bill. This means that the 30 different sexual orientations will be federally protected classes. Read More




(1) Defining domestic extremism

(2) Hate Crimes – Pedophiles Yes, Grandmas No



6 comments on “UPDATED May 04 – Voted for Obama – are you happy now? H.R. 1913

  1. The bill I saw made no reference to speech. It was about physical violence. Unless there’s another version floating around.
    Still, making pedophiles a protected class is beyond reason.

  2. And you can bet that Obama will give the Gitmo terrorist that he releases onto our streets a new name and protection! Watch and see!

  3. Obama is trying for World Power..and his
    government will control everything from our
    guns..to our health care. He is a dangerous

  4. I do agree with you Joyce! The man knows nothing about running a government. He’s almost acts like a dictator!

  5. He is indeed dangerous. Here’s an interesting column on the ongoing coup attempt. Note the 5-step Chavez program:

    1) Get elected through the system, 2) change the constitution, 3) corrupt the elections, 4) nationalize banks and industry, and 5) punish your opposition.

    We’ll be the world’s biggest banana republic.

    Yes we can!

  6. Very well explained lukemcgook! We really don’t know where this Ba-rat came from or born!

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