Obama is Performing a Terrorist Jail Break from Gitmo


White House Overrides FBI and DHS on Gitmo Release

Jed Babbin:  Moving quickly to release Chinese Uighur terrorists into the United States, Obama administration officials have — for the second time — overridden objections of federal agencies responsible for national security.

The first time — as I reported on April 20 — the White House overrode the inter-agency panel it created from all the national security agencies to review all the cases of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners. That panel found that the seventeen Uighurs — members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement captured at an al-Queda training camp in Pakistan — were too dangerous to release in the United States.

Now — according to a federal agency source who requested anonymity — the White House has also overridden opposition to the release from both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.
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Illegal Aliens Spread Swine Flu In U.S.
Health officials in a U.S. city that borders Mexico fear that the Mexican swine flu will spread quickly within its vast illegal immigrant communities, especially the region’s numerous migrant settlements. Read More


Spencer: Obama Busily Appeasing Jihadists
How has it come to this so quickly? Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano seem to have made it a top priority of their administration’s opening act to weaken our position with the Islamic jihadists:

• They quietly dropped the term “war on terror.” Napolitano even went so far as to say that she preferred to refer not to acts of “terrorism” but to “man-caused disasters” (NOW had no recorded comment about her sexist language). Meanwhile, a DHS report on “right-wing extremists” had no trouble referring to veterans and conservatives of all kinds as potential “terrorists.” This suggested a disquieting will to silence and demonize the political opposition, all the while regarding the real terror threat with extraordinary myopia. Read More


Sarkozy to Obama: Butt Out of EU Affairs.
President Obama used his first EU-US summit, on the eve of his visit to Turkey, to encourage European leaders to embrace the Muslim country and “anchor it in Europe”. However, Mr Sarkozy, a long-standing opponent……..Keep Reading

When will we the American people wake-up to the fact that Obama is a Muslin or would prove he’s not! He now will turn loose our killers from Gitmo onto our streets! He has spent all America’s money and taking over our private companies and starting to control our guns more! Wake-up Americans before its to late!  We need to start the call for Barack Obama to be impeached! Will you feel safer with terrorist from Gitmo on our streets?



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  1. I also posted on this and have it on a polling page on my domain. If he wants these terrorist enemy combatants released into the U. S. let him take and keep them at the White House. Perhaps they could serve as a staff cooking him Chinese food. This guy is a disaster for our Republic. There is a link on my blogroll.
    Bob A.

  2. Yes, Yes Bob he could put them up in the White House visiter house! But wait a minute he might have that house waiting for his Aunt from Kenya! But the Gitmo terrorist would fit right in with all the rest of the crooks in the White House! They all look alike to me!

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