Obama is helping spread the Swine Flu!


A member of the security advance team for President Obama’s recent trip to Mexico is suspected of having contracted the swine flu and transmitted it to his family in Anne Arundel County, the White House said today.

The man is on the staff of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who traveled with Obama to Mexico on April 16. He appears to have transmitted the virus to his wife, son and nephew, press secretary Robert Gibbs said.
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Besides spending hunderds of thousands of dollars flying all around the World like a kid with a toy! He spented over $300,000 for photos while scaring the people of New York. Now he is helping spread this deadly flu around the country! This is one stupid acting president!


4 comments on “Obama is helping spread the Swine Flu!

  1. Well, the really inexcusable thing here is Barky’s refusal to close the border. Now, for most victims of the Mexiflu, the disease may turn out to be no worse than a bad cold; but the first response, given the grim possibilities, should have been to shut the border. This was sort of obvious, and the “barn door” excuse is preposterous.

  2. It is obvious to everyone except the obama zombies, that the reason the community organizer will not shut down the border is the Hispanic vote is more important to Democrats than the safety of the American people.

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