Obama Puts U.S. Lives at Risk with Open Borders

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC today called on the Obama administration to immediately close the southern border and restrict all inbound air and ground traffic from Mexico to emergencies and product delivery to protect American lives from the Mexican Swine Flu outbreak.

“The Obama administration’s failure to secure our borders against a possible pandemic is putting American lives at risk at a time when days and hours matter,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “The weak and inadequate ‘passive surveillance’ described during Sunday’s press conference is offensive to the rational mind.”

Instead of advising American tourists not to travel to Mexico, or closing border crossings and air travel gates to essential travel only, the Obama administration is treating Mexico like a 51st state, instead of separate nation, opined ALIPAC officials in a press release. Read More

And Obama says there is no reason to be alarmed! Obama why don’t you ask the families that has lost love ones to this Swine Flu if there is a reason to be alarmed!


(1) Schumer opposed flu pandemic funding in stimulus, too, you morons


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