Confederate flag spurs argument that led to shooting! Which person was racist?

A Friday-night argument between two teenagers one white and one black over the Confederate flag ended with one in the hospital with a gunshot wound and the other in jail, facing felony charges.

Azeff wore a hat with the Confederate symbol and carried a Confederate flag measuring about 5 feet by 3 feet.

Mitchell and a friend questioned Azeff about the hat and flag, asking if he was a racist. Azeff told them no, he was just exercising free speech.

The fight escalated and the groups exchanged racial slurs. Mitchell reportedly pulled out a handgun and shot Azeff once in the chest, then ran off. Read More

I will ask again which one was racist and which one was exercising free speech? Obama and his policies has brought out more racist!


(1) ‘I feel the need, the need to freak out New Yorkers!’ — Update: Wouldn’t ‘Photoshop’ have been cheaper?


6 comments on “Confederate flag spurs argument that led to shooting! Which person was racist?

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  2. Oh we know that the Obama crooks will spin this some how to make the white person look racist when in fact its the black person thats racist and amitted a crime! Don’t see this on the main stream media do you?

  3. If you disagree with Obama’s policies you are labeled a racist.

    If you are upset about the open Mexican border and are not willing to be infected with the Swine Flu, you are also a racist.

    Geez, maybe you need to go back to to Democrat indoctrination skwoool.
    Better yet, just tune into to CNN or MSNBC, then you will be a good little zombie.

  4. “Indoctrination school” is right. Sometimes I think we’ll never get anywhere until we finally break the government monopoly in education.

  5. It doesnt matter who racist because i dont see anyone being racist. But if you want to get technical it was the black kid showing racism.

    The thing i dont get the most is if this was switched blacks would be rioting in the streets and it would be a ”hate crime”. Whites are not treated far and its a fact.

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