UPDATE: Black official removes graves’ Confederate flags, desecrate graves, and desecrated graves

Several Confederate flags placed on the graves of Civil War soldiers got pulled up by a black Auburn city councilman, who called them symbols of racism and hatred.

Mary Norman, president of Auburn Heritage Association, said she was at her family’s burial plot in Pine Hill Cemetery when Councilman Arthur Dowdell removed the small Confederate flag from her great-grandfather’s grave Thursday afternoon.

“He pulled up the flag, snapped it in two and put it in his car,” said Norman, who is white.

“It’s intimidating to black folks, and it’s intimidating to me as a civil rights leader,” he said. Dowdell said he pulled up four flags and left.

UDC members placed the flags on the graves of Confederate veterans because Sunday is the official day for Confederate Memorial Day and Monday is the state holiday for it.

Norman said she and a friend were in the cemetery doing research for a book about the historic burial ground when Dowdell pulled up the flags. Her friend took a photo of him leaving the cemetery with the flags.

“I don’t think you can go and desecrate graves, and he desecrated graves,” she said. Read More

And then comes this:

Confederate flag spurs argument that led to shooting! Which person was racist?

A Friday-night argument between two teenagers one white and one black over the Confederate flag ended with one in the hospital with a gunshot wound and the other in jail, facing felony charges. Keep reading..

Those blacks should be arrested for removing items from a grave, its stealing! Confederate veterans served and fought for their country flag the confedate flag even if they lost, they should be honored!


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  1. Talk about a low class act. The continuing myth about the War of Northern Aggression being about slavery, and only slavery is a travesty.

    Lincoln was no friend of blacks, and certainly no friend of liberty.

  2. I read racist blacks in this report! If the blacks can not respect the dead who can they respect? They brought up the KKK when the KKK had nothing what so ever to do with the Confederate army! The blacks need to quit living the past and start living today! No matter what this country does for them is never enough!

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