THE FIRST 100 DAYS: An Administration Filled With Far-Left Extremists

Some of the names and some of the circumstances are already familiar. Obama may have a Cabinet that, to borrow a phrase from Bill Clinton, “looks like America.” But they certainly don’t pay taxes like the rest of us. Several of his most high level appointees, chief among them Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, have been exposed as having failed to pay the taxes they owed at the time these should have paid them.

Then there is Attorney General Eric Holder, who prior to his appointment may have been best known for helping fugitive financier Marc Rich obtain a pardon in the waning days of the Clinton administration. Since coming into office, however, he shocked the nation when, during a presentation to mark Black History month, he called America a “nation of cowards” on the issue of race.

But it’s not just the apples at the top of the barrel that are reason to be suspicious that a leftward drift is underway. There are plenty of secondary appointments, not all of which are subject to the Senate’s advice and consent, which make up the new administration’s gallery of liberal rogues.Read More

Our country is going in a direction that the Far-Left obama Extremists wants it to go and its not looking good with companies being taken over by the government which is not controlled by its people, but by the Obama far-left extremists. Just read the whole story above and you will see! Is this really the change you voted for?


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  1. Government by criminals. Need I say more?

    Well yes…

    Tar and feathering is a very old and honored method of dealing with misfits in America. Made illegal by lawyers and politicians. The very same people that were subjected to it most often.

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