IRS Workers Stealing Your Cash!

ABC News Uncovers History of Contract Workers, IRS Employees Stealing Taxpayer Checks and Cash
Think your income tax check is safe when you send it off to the IRS? Think again. An ABC News investigation has uncovered case after case of checks being stolen, manipulated and cashed by contract employees responsible for processing them, resulting in delayed payments and heavily disrupted lives.

Last year, Miller sent a cashier’s check for more than $20,000 to the IRS, where it ended up in the hands of a Bank of America employee in Dallas who embezzled $485,539.76 in taxpayer remittance checks. Read More

Why should we not expect IRS Workers to steal our money? Obama does! Obama is stealing our children and grand kids money that they will earn for many years after we’re gone from this earth. We have to stop his spending spree.

We The People need to keep these Tea Parties going until we get results from Congress and Obama. But we need to march on Washington D.C. with a large Tea Party and planned far enough ahead to get everything right! Lets don’t stop before the job is finished.

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