Obama wants $13 billion for high-speed rail

Obama will be asking Congress for $13 billion for high-speed rail systems! He has already allocated $8 billion for such systems in his $787 billion economic stimulus package. He cited France, Spain, China and Japan as world leaders in high-speed rail transportation.

Obama we don’t care or want to be like the European Countries, don’t you get it? Obama you still will not listen to the tax payers will you? Tea Party protesters we need to vote anyone out of office that votes for these spending bills. Keep names and vote for the ones that vote against Obama’s spending spree. We the people spoke and Obama isn’t listening, so do you think he cares what we think or want? NO HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT WE THE PEOPLE, OBAMA ONLY CARES ABOUT MORE POWER OVER US!



One comment on “Obama wants $13 billion for high-speed rail

  1. This is more technopop fantasy, like green jobs and my perennial favorite … wind farms! Obama clearly intends to hold on to the unicorn-lover vote, at least.

    Thissounds about right.

    In short, high-speed rail proposals are high cost, high-risk megaprojects that promise little or no congestion relief, energy savings, or other environmental benefits. Taxpayers and politicians should be wary of any transportation projects that cannot be paid for out of user fees.

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