Obama’s code of secrecy ( gag order ) Tea Party Time

On April 15, tax day, most Americans feel a little violated as the government peeps into their most private affairs to see what’s taxable. The Obama administration views such transparency as a one-way street.

Government secrecy has become the norm under this administration, particularly when it comes to the financial bailout. Exhibit A is a gag order preventing banks from divulging how they performed on the Treasury Department’s financial “stress tests.” These tests were instituted Feb. 25 to gauge the liquidity of the country’s 19 biggest banks and determine whether they could survive another dramatic economic downturn. Federal officials told the bankers to keep mum about how stressed out the tests say their institutions are.
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Transparency! Enough said!

Obama has lied to the American people and now is afraid that we will find out about all his lies!


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11 comments on “Obama’s code of secrecy ( gag order ) Tea Party Time

  1. Just in from the TEA Party in Charlottesville, the Hook, the Kumquat, Hooville. Caught most of the 3-5 PM show. Couldn’t stay for the last hour, as my parking meter was running out and my bladder running over. A march was planned on the local office of Tom Periello, our fantastic and bizarre new congressman.

    Good crowd for a rainy weekday afternoon. Organizer had hoped for three hundred. I’m sure there were more, at the baseline; what with all the coming and going at the margins, I expect five hundred caught at least a part of the show. Lots of retirees, college-aged movement types, moms with little kids, doggies, tea bag earrings. Some people were dressed as though they’d taken off early to come.

    Some thoughts for future Parties:

    1) Avoid the wonkier speakers. Limit the important but disheartening facts and figures on government health care, please. Best line I heard was: “Do you want to call the DMV for a doctor’s appointment?”

    2) Avoid the loopier speakers. Sovereignty issues are red meat, but no NWO conspiracy stuff, for instance. Makes people go “Huh?”

    3) Porkulus, I suspect, is the most hated piece of federal legislation since the Volstead Act.

    4) People looooooove to hear about that Constitution. They’re right to love it, of course. It’s one of the great works of Western Civ.

    5) People like to hear from vets. Local pols are OK, depending, but I suspect most Beltway types, even prominent R’s, would get tepid welcomes.

    6) It’s possible to be too non-partisan. We don’t want to demonize everyone who voted D in the last election, and we do well to make our appeal to Dem second-thoughters explicit. But let’s go ahead and name the name of the One. It’s Barky O’Bammer, the Kenyan Teen, who is the necessary man in “remaking” America, the man without whom the Republic would not be in near so much danger. In future, with O’s poll numbers sorrier and sorrier, we should go after him.

    7) Surprising number of signs were pro-capitalist, anti-socialist. People know what they’re talking about.

    8) No cops in evidence, despite the clear and present danger of rightwing laughter and applause.

    Quibbles aside, it was an outstanding job, especially for amateurs, and I am full of Hope for the future of the TEA movement.

  2. Thanks for the outstanding report from you lukemcgook, I didn’t go out today because of the rain and it would not be good on my COPD! I watched TV and the turn out around the country was great. If the congressmen and Obama does not listen to the people they will be voted out of office and I would bet on that! The Tea Party in September on Washington D.C. should be very large! Thanks again!

  3. You bet. I think the next round is planned for no later than July 4, so maybe you’ll be able to catch that.

  4. I have to agree with you on this one, if you’ll allow me to.

    You teabaggers should stand up strongly for what you believe in. That’s the American way. It is simply unbelievable that Obama would try to gag you!

  5. I can see this growing very big in days to comes! What we need to do from here on is keep records of who votes for these spending bills and the large budget that Obama wants and make sure we vote them out of office!
    And for you larry, You don’t have to agree with us, but the name calling had to go! By the way Obama isn’t gaging us. Exhibit A is a gag order preventing banks from divulging how they performed on the Treasury Department’s financial “stress tests.”

  6. Oh, I’m glad you cleared that up for me. I for one would not like to see Obama gag Teabaggers! You have to keep the Teabagger Movement strong. Don’t let it peter out. You’ve finally found something that you can use your skills for that will benefit all of us. Come all along, America, with these proud Teabaggers.

  7. You haven’t seen nothing yet larrys, this has just begun. If the democrats and Obama does not stop their big spending they will be voted out of office! Keep joking larrys while teachers and other workers are losing their jobs around the country!

  8. larry will keep on with the junior high “teabagging” joke for as long as he figures no one gets it. Personally, I think we should just adopt the term. Pretty soon, when someone says “teabagger,” people will think of anti-tax protesters and not of Anderson Cooper’s private life.

  9. Yes and then he will be the first to cry out when he has to start pay the debt in 2010 that Obama is running up, and may have lost his job by then. There were many liberal democrats that voted for Obama at the tea parties and they were disappointed in where this country is headed under Obama the dictator!

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