UPDATE, UPDATE – Napolitano stands by ‘rightwing extremism’ report – Protest Grows Over Report Warning of Right Wing Radicalization

UPDATE: 16 April @ 6:42PM

Law Center challenges basis of DHS report on right-wing extremist threat
Ann Arbor, Mich., Apr 15, 2009 / 09:04 pm (CNA).- The Thomas More Law Center announced today that it has filed a request with the Department of Homeland Security challenging the basis for their recent “Threat of Right-Wing Extremism” report, which says those who oppose abortion, gun control, and immigration laws pose a potential threat to national security.
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Top Democrat says he’s ‘dumbfounded’

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that she was briefed before the release of a controversial intelligence assessment and that she stands by the report, which lists returning veterans among terrorist risks to the U.S.

But the top House Democrat with oversight of the Department of Homeland Security said in a letter to Ms. Napolitano that he was “dumbfounded” that such a report would be issued.

“This report appears to raise significant issues involving the privacy and civil liberties of many Americans – including war veterans,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, in his letter sent Tuesday night.

The letter was representative of a public furor over the nine-page document since its existence was reported in The Washington Times on Tuesday. Read More

Protest Grows Over Report Warning of Right Wing Radicalization

The government considers you a terrorist threat if you oppose abortion, own a gun or are a returning war veteran.

That’s what House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said Wednesday in response to a Department of Homeland Security report warning of the rise of right-wing extremist groups.

Smith, who said the report on “right-wing extremism” amounts to “political profiling,” said that DHS is “using people’s political views to assess an individual’s susceptibility to terror recruitment.” He joins a growing chorus of protest from irate conservative groups that are protesting the report’s findings.

The report, titled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” released last week by DHS’ Office of Intelligence and Analysis, said while there is no specific information that domestic right-wing terrorists are planning acts of violence, it suggests acts of violence could come from unnamed “rightwing extremists” concerned about illegal immigration, abortion, increasing federal power and restrictions on firearms — and it singles out returning war veterans as susceptible to recruitment.
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The Obama government is showing its feelings towards anyone who disagrees with his spending spree. If they want to upset the troops all they have to do is keep up this running them down even before they come home. What kind of president do we have in the People’s White House? Its an attack on freedom of speech from what this American thinks!


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  1. I’m sure I along with you and many others will fall into this group. I can’t say F*&K HS Secretary because I would not even do that with a 10 foot pole. How did she get approved for the position. Republicans had best wake up or switch to the Demorcrap Party. We need a clean sweep in 2010 and an ouster of Obama in 2012.
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