Pawlenty Blasts Obama’s Bloated Budget – Obama To Highlight Economic Challenges Tuesday (Barack Worried About TEA PARTIES?)

Pawlenty a possible White House contender in 2012 said in the GOP’s Saturday address that President Barack Obama and the Democrats who run Congress should lower taxes and hold down spending.

“Let hardworking American families keep more of what they earn by cutting taxes and reining in spending,” said Gov. Tim Pawlenty, R-Minn. “It’s just common sense.”

He said Democratic president’s budget will require higher taxes and unfairly loads debt onto future generations. Pawlenty also said Obama has talked about tax relief, but his budget suggests he’ll be raising taxes.
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Obama To Highlight Economic Challenges Tuesday

Spokesman Robert Gibbs said Monday that Obama, in a morning speech at Georgetown University, would “discuss again where we are economically” and “give the American people an update on where we are and many of the challenges that continue to lie ahead.”

“I think the president also understands that even as there are some promising statistics, whether it’s housing or something like that, that we still are likely to see many, many months of unemployment, where hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs,” Gibbs said.

The message would appear to contrast to Obama’s remarks to reporters on April 10, in which he pointed to more homeowners refinancing their homes as well as increased lending to small businesses through the Small Business Administration.

Gibbs said Obama would also discuss “long-term gaps” in the U.S. economy, as well as “update the American people on the steps that are being taken related to financial stability and in regulation.” Read More

We can look forward to Obama trying to smooth over his spending and tax position to the Tax Day Tea Party protesters! He will tell us more lies about how the economy is getting better. When in fact we can see for our self that people are getting laid off at a record page and many of the States are raising taxes on the people. No obama your spending and taxes is not helping the economy. The American people have got smart to your lying and is standing up for our rights and for the Obama government to stop spending our hard earned tax money faster than anytime in history! Your speech isn’t going to work this time. Doing this the day before the tea parties makes this American laugh at the fool we have as president!


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