You can’t hang up on the taxman.

Eleven federal, state and city levies add as much as 33 percent to the cost of New Yorkers’ cellphones, a Post analysis found.

A typical cell plan costing $49.99 a month comes with a total tax bill of $10.59 — a 21.18 percent tax rate that helps give New York the fourth-highest cellphone taxes of any state.

And cheaper plans favored by the frugal and poor are taxed at higher rates. Read More

Obama said he would not tax the middle income and the poor…but as I have said all along if Obama taxes the rich and the companies that those taxes would be passed right down to the poor by higher prices for food and other needed products! I don’t think the young adults in school understood that they could not afford Obama, cause its them that will end up paying China back all this money with interest! Young adults just getting started in life will be lucky to afford a car or a home! Cell phones is only a start of what is to come as Obama and the Democrats spend and tax us the people more!


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