Find Out Where Your State Ranks On Taxes

Interactive map shows how your state ranks with regards to gas, cigarettes, beer and sales taxes.   Interactive map

Now we need a map showing how much Fed tax is on top of the State tax on these items! I say our tax system is stupid as we pay income taxes when we earn the dollar, then we pay sales tax when we spend the dollar and pay yearly taxes on some of the items we buy with the dollar such as homes and cars. Oh then in some cases your spouse pays taxes when you die! Now Obama will triple these taxes on the young people just getting started in life!

Join in a tea party today and let your voice be heard across America! April 15th is the big tea party day somewhere near you!


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2 comments on “Find Out Where Your State Ranks On Taxes

  1. I’ll bet pirates don’t pay taxes on beer and cigarettes. Maybe we should all be pirates.

  2. Not bad to be a pirate today when in fact the pirates are holding off the Obama controlled Navy! Oh no, our friend with the helecopter will be getting back at me for that statement. I will say sorry ahead of time! 🙂

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