Job cuts needed to stop NY bankruptcy: Mayor Bloomberg


Sweeping layoffs of government employees are needed to prevent New York going bankrupt, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday.
Bloomberg, who is in tense negotiations with municipal workers’ unions, said an extra 7,000 jobs would have to go unless major reductions are made in employee benefits.
The possible job cuts, first announced Wednesday, would be on top of 1,300 already proposed and another 8,000 that could be axed through attrition.
“We cannot continue. Keep reading….

Obama Stimulus is at work around the country, just look at how nice its working in New York! Obama could not manage a 711 store much less The United States Government! He will bankrupt America within 4 years!


(1) LA Times running front page ads disguised as news stories, kind of like they did during Obama’s presidential campaign

(2) Obama: Government to buy 17,600 cars they don’t need to boost economy


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  1. The problem of employee benefits will make for great big fights at the local and state levels in the near future. Lots of bankruptcies can be expected.

  2. Yes and Obama’s carbon tax will tax the poor as well as the middle class Americans but the Rich will find ways around it!

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