Detroit Public Schools plans closures, layoffs (Thanks Obama)


The state overseer of the Detroit Public Schools has proposed closing 23 schools and laying off 600 teachers to attack a projected $303 million deficit. Read More

The Obama plan at work! Some president the people voted into the White House! He could not manage a small town much less The United States!


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  1. The state Governors allocate where the money goes within their state.

    Goodtimepolitics: Thanks for the comment Charles Richardson, But………..Obama isn’t making his plan work and you can see that in Detroit Public Schools! Spend great amounts of money with no results! Thats not what I would call management of the Stimulus money by Obama! Like I have said he couldn’t manage a 711 store much less The United States!

    $100 billion dollars will be spent to save education jobs, send young people to college, modernize America’s classrooms, and advance education reforms, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

    “The single best way to stimulate the economy—short-term and long-term—is to keep teachers teaching and keep kids learning,” Duncan said after meeting with students and teachers of Explore Charter School.

    This all sounds great, as does everything coming from Obama. He has a silver tongue and pen, is sincere, and has a beautiful family. I really want to believe in him.

    However, I have many questions and concerns about the Stimulus Plan, and have to question spending more money on schools in this economy.

    My main concern is that this is my money and my children’s money. So much taxpayer money is already spent on the public schools, and it is often wasted on corruption, misplaced priorities and political divisions.

    Second, if this money is going to be sent to districts in two payments, what happens next to keep these programs going? Stimulus Plan II and more billions of dollars? Read On

  2. Detroit’s downfall is a result of decades of democrat leadership and corruption. This is a perfect example of higher taxes, trickle up economy and big government and why it doesn’t work.

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