Philadelphia Tea Party organizers need your help (NOW!)

Please read below and you also can find more information over on Michelle Malkin’s Blog. Its time to come to the aid of our fellow Americans!

Diana Reimer, the organizer for Philadelphia, was notified today after requesting electricity for a PA / sound system, that this event is no longer a demonstration, but a special event and will be required to pay a total of approx. $8000.00 for various requirements and an application permit of $20.00. The rest of the money required is for an electrician, use of the location, trash collector, insurance, etc. She has already been issued a permit by the city of Philadelphia, but now she is required to pay $8000.00 for the electricity and other requirements dictated by Special Events level 2, which is based on the amount of people 1500 to 3000 by Fairmount Park Commission.

Obviously, since we are a week away from this event, this causes a major problem. Additionally, why should the people have to pay $8000.00 to hold the event in this park when the people of Philadelphia already pay for the park and the park’s electricity with their tax dollars?

We are asking for your help and support by contacting the city of Philadelphia, just as you did with Coral Gables and Burleson.

City of Philadelphia Office of Managing Director 215.686.3488
Jazell Jones, Managing Director
Mechelle, Administrative Assistant

Special Events Office 215.685.0060
Karen Walls, Receptionist
or Joe Calley

If you would like to contact Diana Reimer, the Philadelphia Tea Party organizer, she can be reached via email at

Diana and Philadelphia really need our help! Please burn up the phone lines tomorrow! Also, please send this to all of your email lists / groups and to everyone you know!

We cannot let this happen in the birth city of the US Constitution!!!!

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  1. Expect more towns to try petty stuff like this in order to suppress TEA parties. We’re getting into that Euro-zone, where only lefties are allowed to hold demonstrations.

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