President Bush & McCain Warning Dems Of Financial Crisis. (Video)

Timeline Shows Bush, McCain Warning Dems Of Financial Crisis.

President Bush Administration and Senator McCain warned Democrats repeatedly about Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac and what became the 2008 financial crisis starting in 2002. Democrats not only resisted all reform efforts, but Barney Frank continued to declare them ‘financially sound’ despite clear signs of meltdown.

So Obama is full of sh_t when he says that President Bush left this crisis for him, his party is the ones that allow the crisis to happen. Obama you’re the biggest lier that we have ever had in The White House! What do you the American people think?


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3 comments on “President Bush & McCain Warning Dems Of Financial Crisis. (Video)

  1. Bush was president. He could have done much more. Everyone dropped the ball, but the Dems were so belligerent is was sickening. How those clowns get reelected again and again is a mystery.

  2. The thing of it is that there were so many people warning that there would be a financial meltdown if corrective measures were not taken. Of course they ranged from Cato and Mises Institute to Walter Williams so they must be ignored by neo-cons and democrats. After all, they made sense but would have upended agendas by various politicians…

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