UPDATE: Beware of Infiltrate – It’s Tea Time! (The public is boiling mad)

ACORN, HuffPo Organizing Efforts to Infiltrate Tax Day Tea Parties to Shape Media Coverage“Neil, I’m not worried about it at all,” O’Hara said. “This is a genuine grassroots movement. If ACORN wants to send some of their paid, pretend activists to show up – that’s fine. They don’t have a message that resonates with the American people or resonates with this broad coalition that’s upset with this spending that’s going on in Washington.”

Cavuto explained the early reports of the “so-called infiltration plan” were an attempt to make it look like fringe-group efforts and in some case appears as a “racist undertaking.”

“The people understand what these movements are about,” Meckler said. “The people who are involved understand that they’re not racist. They are not fringe. They’re not even partisan. I mean, these are events where we have people across the board – Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, Libertarians – you name it.” Keep reading

It’s Tea Time!

Dan Gainor: When you want tea, you bring water to a boil. When you want genuine change, you do the same thing to the American public.

Right now, that public is boiling mad and, with April 15 around the corner, the most important thing brewing is tax protest. For every state in the nation, this tea’s for you.

Lucky for us, our cups runneth over. The nationwide Tax Day Tea Party movement is building incredible steam with an event on the day most Americans dread –- April 15.  It’s an H&R Block party to take back our government from people who couldn’t manage the budget of a Kwik-E-Mart. 

They are just getting started. The April 15 event is only round two of 10 planned rounds of butt-kicking activism. Round three, fittingly, is on July 4. On tax day, we get to remind Washington that we pay the bills for all of their pork-barrel spending. On Independence Day, we get to remind them that we can vote all them out just as easily as they were voted in. Keep Reading….

Tea Party day is near and it will be the day that Washington has to hear the voice of the American people! The banks want to give the bail out money back but Obama and his tax cheating employee will not let them. Tell me there isn’t something wrong with that!


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9 comments on “UPDATE: Beware of Infiltrate – It’s Tea Time! (The public is boiling mad)

  1. The Huffington Post is still seeing this thing in black and white, Repubs vs Dems. No it’s angry taxpayers getting active. Let them do whatever they want. They’ve already been exposed.

  2. You’re right rjjrdq, Acorn people have been exposed and it should cause more angry taxpayers to join in with the tax day tea parties! Obama’s blackberry was running hot calling all his crooks out, such as the Acorn people! The American people let Acorn pull one over on them during the election and lets hope that now the American tax payers will repay them by winning the fight to save our hard earned tax money from being given away by Obama and his White House full of tax dodgeing friends! Go Tea Parties Go!

  3. Thanks for the bunching panties comment. Died laughing. Will be back to life at the Tea Party!

    Thanks for all the great info. Best thing is to know the “enemy” and their tactics so you can be prepared. Agree with Milkan, we don’t need to do the same as they do, just need to know what they do!

    The Tea Parties are such an awesome event.

    Stay safe and stay informed!

  4. We went to the Indianapolis Tea Party. Some said 8,000-10,000, then I heard 13,000+. Can’t tell you how many, certainly more than the 2,000-2,500 reported in Indy TV websites. The coverage was minimal. In fact, there was an article on Lousiville instead. (Or some place in KY)
    And here is the kicker. The speaker of the house adjourned early because he was “concerned” about security with 1000 taxpayers showing up. Not only is he a whimp, he can’t estimate correctly.

    If any of you are interested, there are 2 blogs on the event. Not detailed, more like how we were impacted.


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