$50,000 Electric Ford Coming – How much car can you afford?

Soon you’ll be able to drop by your local Ford dealer and order an electric car, but it’s going to cost you.

While the limited range of the vehicles means that they will only appeal to drivers with very specific needs, Ford is hoping the fact that many car owners drive less than 30 miles per day will help sell the cars, expecting that they will also own a more traditional vehicle for longer trips. There are pictures at the source.Read More

How will low income and the poor be able to buy these high price cars? The lower end of the middle class income will not be able to afford such a car and we are sure that the poor will be without a car at all. But you say going to keep your old gas car and so you don’t care, Obama will be forcing you to get rid of your old car with his gas tax and carbon taxes!

The young people will be lucky to own a car cause $50,000 cars will not be within reach for them! The young adults in school will be hurting the worse even after they’re out of school they will be educated but just getting started.

Ask yourself if you can afford $50,000 cars on top of $100,000 houses! What say you?

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3 comments on “$50,000 Electric Ford Coming – How much car can you afford?

  1. Well, maybe they can keep the price at $50K for a couple years. By that time, $50K will be the equivalent of $184 in 2009 dollars.

  2. The problem will be thousands of educated young unemployed Americans that will not have credit or money! But then many of these young people voted for this change! Right?

  3. Yeah, ‘fraid so. Still young, though. Reagan caught on with an earlier generation of college kids. Maybe someone comparable will come along this time. In any case, we have to keep yelling at them that everything they know is wrong.

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