Al-Qaida Behind Taliban White House Threat – General David Petraeus

“He seems to have convinced al Qaeda he’s a useful man … When he speaks of a threat to Washington, he means al Qaeda. By himself, he doesn’t have the capacity to carry out an operation so far away. He’s talking for al Qaeda,” he said.

General David Petraeus, head of U.S. Central Command, said in Washington on Wednesday officials were studying whether Mehsud’s warning posed a credible threat to the United States.

“Everyone is quite riveted on analyzing that and seeing what further we can find out,” Petraeus said in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.
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President Bush kept America safe after the 9/11 attack, do you feel safer under Obama?


(1) “The acidic Asian-American columnist”


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  1. George -the Vet

    I have been posting with a suggestion that all vets-military needs to run for all offices. Mayors, school boards, collegeboards, university boards, governors, congress people, senators, etc. It does not matter what political party as long as they believe in america and NOT SOCIALISM. I know people will give to their campaigns knowing they are one of our hero’s that served their country. It took the evil Soros sponsored moron several years to finance the morons in office now. We can get them out faster!

  2. Let me think- no I don’t, let me think a bit longer – still no, probably will always be no!

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