UPDATE: Mar 31 – Tax Day Tea Parties in 300 cities! And More! 15 April The Big Day!

Tax Day Tea Parties in 300 cities!
This is going to be huge. According to the Tax Day Tea Party organizers, there should be demonstrations in 300 American cities on April 15th! Barring something unexpected, this will be far too huge for the media to ignore.

Check the Tax Day Tea Party website to see which cities in your state will be participating. Keep Reading from the foothills

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UPDATE: 31 March Please take the time to check out the Washington D.C. Tea Party link!


(1) Obama wants to make veterans pay for their own medical care.
(2) Obama wants to take your guns.
(3) Obama raised the price of tobacco, now could be from $6 to $7 a pack.
(4) Obama has taken over the banks.
(5) Obama is now taking over companies such as GM.
(6) Obama is spending tax payers money at the fastest pace in history.

And this is just the beginning of his term in The White House! People its time we stand up to defend our rights as Americans.
Lets all get out to a Tea Party and make our voices heard! We shall see you at one of the North Carolina Tea Parties, drive careful!

Are You Ready? I Sure Am!


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(3) Rally for the Republic!

(4) Tea Party progress report

(5) It’s High Time for a Tea Party – Revolution is Brewing April 15

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  2. This could turn out to be kind of a big deal — historic, even! I’m going to do my darnedest to make the local shindig.

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