Blagojevich List Included Senate Hopefuls

A list of people targeted for contributions by former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s campaign committee included four possible candidates for appointment to President Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat, according to the report below.

Four potential candidates for President Obama’s vacant Senate seat were each to be targeted for contributions by ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s campaign as part of an aggressive, $2.3 million race for cash late last year, an internal campaign document obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times shows.

The four were among about 150 people targeted for contributions by the Friends of Blagojevich campaign organization by the end of 2008, when a new Illinois law took effect that bans taking money from state contractors and appointees, the document shows.

The list created by his campaign organization shows that, during the time he was deciding on a Senate replacement for Obama, Blagojevich targeted billionaire J.B. Pritzker, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Rep. Luis Gutierrez and Roland Burris, the man he ultimately appointed, to approach for contributions. All were reported to be under consideration for the Senate post.

An emissary for a fifth candidate for the Senate seat, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., was also on the list, as were two others who were being discussed as possibilities for the Senate seat Chicago Park District board President Gery Chico and former Blagojevich spokeswoman Cheryle Jackson.

Many on the list said they had no idea they were on it. Among them: Pritzker, targeted for $100,000.

The list includes at least half a dozen people Blagojevich had appointed to state…..keep reading

More names and information should come out before much longer I would think!