UPDATE – Rahm Emanuel’s Ethics (Freddie Mac)

UPDATE: Link gives more details about Emanuel at Freddie Mac!

Rahm Emanuel’s profitable stint at Freddie Mac

Sean Hannity: We already knew Democrats like Barack Obama, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters and Barney Frank had received loads of money from the very banks responsible for our financial turmoil. Now, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is joining their ranks.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Emanuel raked in $320,000 from failed mortgage giant Freddie Mac over a 14-month period, during which time he served on the company’s board. According to the Tribune, on Emanuel’s watch the board was told by executives of a plan to use accounting tricks to mislead shareholders about outsize profits the government-chartered firm was then reaping from risky investments.

And let’s not forget that Emanuel’s boss, the president, was the No. 2 recipient of Fannie and Freddie funds in the entire Senate — no easy feat. So when you’re looking to for a place to send complaints about the current fiscal crisis, you can send them directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
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From what I hear is that Sean Hannity will be broadcasting live from Atlanta, Georgia on the day of the Tea Party which is  15 April. He also said there would be reporters around the country at the other Tea Party Protest Rallies! This will be the time to get our voices heard loud and clear!


(1) Hypocrisy, thy name is SEIU


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  1. Here’s my signs for Tea Party Day……….

    We the People are doing the job that the MSM and AP has FAILED to do.
    We now have a voice


    Hell havth no fury like a CITIZEN Scorned

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