Cutting More Jobs, Shifting Work to India

International Business Machines, a blue-chip tech company that has managed to continue to grow despite the global recession, is expected to eliminate a large number of U.S. employees from its global-business services unit, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

Weeks after slashing nearly 5,000 jobs, IBM is expected to shift the work of a large number of U.S. workers to IBM employees working in India, the latest example of a successful company that is continuing to slash costs and take advantage of cheap Asian labor, the Journal reported.
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The trend seems to be to shift jobs to Muslim countries! People the economy not getting better, its getting much worst! Obama keeps driving companies out of America to cheaper Asian countries!


(1) To GIVE and to SERVE: the $6 billion National Service boondoggle


7 comments on “Cutting More Jobs, Shifting Work to India

  1. Ummm…India is primarily Hindu, with Buddhism falling a close second. Both Christianity and Islam are significantly minority religions over there.

    If you remember, 60+ years ago they rounded up the bulk of the Muslims in India and shipped them to East and West Pakistan – which are now Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    This doesn’t change the economic peril the US is in though.

  2. There are many muslims still in India, they will be getting jobs that Americans need here at home don’t you think?

    Islam in India’s second-most dominant religion after Hinduism, with more than 13.4% of the country’s population, over 154 million people, identifying themselves as Muslims.

    India is home to the world’s third-largest Muslim population after Indonesia and Pakistan,and the largest Muslim-minority population in the world.
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  3. I think the study just left Buddhism off the list entirely, but even so, 13.4%? Hardly a Muslim country.

    But, as I said, this doesn’t change the fact that jobs that could be done by Americans are being shipped out to safer and greener shores.

    This is something that should be discouraged. Sadly, the reason that it’s happening is that the US is not a good place for businesses any more – and that is staged to get even worse.

  4. Thats not the point krsnakhandelwal, its we Americans are losing jobs to you in India and its because Obama’s policies are driving these American companies to try and cut cost by sending jobs to India, jobs that we need in America!

    You said “All have equal rights” in India, well from what I see on the news you have big problems as we do also with equal rights!

  5. There’s no incentive for the American worker anymore. The harder you work, the more successful you make the company, the more likely your job will be shipped to cheap labor. Build it on American backs and ship it out…

  6. Yes but its the taxes and wages that run the companies out of country, can not blame them! At least we could keep their taxes low. Thats what happen to alot of small towns in America, they taxed the companies so hard they moved out of town and into the country and now they have almost a ghost town because people don’t go into town to shop anymore.

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