UPDATE 25 MAR – Now Obama has insulted French President Sarkozy!

Oh no! Obama sent a letter to Chirac, saying he looks forward to working with him the next four years. Le Figaro, French newspaper is horrified at the faux pas. Doesn’t Obama ever consult his staff before acting? Sarkozy is the President there! It’s like Sarko writing to George Bush and saying he looks forward to working with him. Chirac is the FORMER president. Keep Reading…..

Obama Insults British PM Brown

dailymail.co.uk — As he headed back home from Washington, Gordon Brown must have rummaged through his party bag with disappointment. Because all he got was a set of DVDs. Barack Obama, the leader of the world’s richest country, gave the Prime Minister a box set of 25 classic American films – a gift about as exciting as a pair of socks. Keep reading…

Obama insults Israel

Hamas ‘happy’ with Obama’s $900 million pledge

TEL AVIV, Israel – Hamas is “very happy” with a pledge this week from the Obama administration to provide $900 million in aid for rebuilding the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, a spokesman from the Islamist organization told WND.

“We are very happy with this decision,” said Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum, speaking by cell phone from Gaza. “In the first place, this money will go toward reconstructing efforts.” Read More


Iran has assembled network of lobbyists that has ‘penetrated’ administration

The number of significant pro-Iran lobbyists has grown and key players have gained access to the new administration of President Barak Obama, a report said.

The Center for Security Policy said veteran Iranian lobbyists, several of them former government officials, have been granted access to the Obama administration.
“A complex network of individuals and organizations with ties to the clerical regime in Teheran is pressing forward in seeming synchrony to influence the new U.S. administration’s policy towards the Islamic republic of Iran,” the report, titled “Rise of the Iran Lobby,” said.

“Spearheaded by a de facto partnership between the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other organizations serving as mouthpieces for the mullahs’ party line, the network includes well-known American diplomats, congressional representatives, figures from academia and the think tank world.” Read More

Obama closing Gitmo and maybe releasing the terrorist here on American soil!

Obama is a nut! In all my life I have not seen a president so stupid as to do such a thing! 4 years is to long of a wait to throw him out of the White House! The Tea Party protesters should be calling for Obama to be impeached. Does anyone see a pattern in the actions of Obama here?


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  1. Obama is one dumb ass. this man is not smart and he is just winging it and the media treats him like he is god and covers up every mistake he makes.i hope AMERICA wakes up to this dumb ass if not we are all in deep shit

  2. Let’s see, he disses Brown and Sarkozy, hands Hamas millions, seeks to surrender to the Taliban, is on his hands and knees to Iran does away with the term terrorist…Yeah, I see the pattern.

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