Five Signs of a Flailing Obama Presidency


You don’t have to be an old Washington hand to spot the telltale signs of a presidency and an administration in serious trouble. There’s nothing new about these clues. The inability to get their stories straight–that’s a hardy perennial of high-level officials caught in the vise of political embarrassment. A president who skips town to avoid the White House press corps and speak directly to the American people–we’ve sure seen that before. So in a sense the AIG mess has touched off nothing more than business as usual.

1. His allies are moving to protect the president.

2. The president gets out of town

3. Top spokesmen dismiss the crisis as a distraction.

4. Administration figures can’t keep their stories straight.

5. The president indulges in hyperbole.

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Jimmy Carter comes to mind!


(1) A question for the 85 CYA-on-AIG House Republicans

(2) Geithner: Can’t get taxes straight, can’t get dates straight…

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  1. There has a lot being said about the bonus.How a bout the 40 billion that went to foreign banks from our tax money that went to AIG

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