Warning: Obama Administration Seeks to TAKE CONTROL OF ALL BANKS & LARGE COMPANIES – VIDEO

Read this, We need to be protesting against Obama and the Democrat control Congress who got us into this mess to start with instead of the banks and companies! If Obama is allow to do this, then he will have complete control of America and We The People!

The Obama administration will call for increased oversight of executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies as part of a plan to overhaul financial regulation, the New York Times reported.

Obama is expected to announce the plan, which officials said would include a broad new role for the Fed to oversee large companies, ahead of the G-20 summit in early April.

The administration was still debating details of the plan including how broadly it should be applied and how far it should go beyond simple reporting requirements, the Times said, quoting unnamed officials. Read More

The Tea Party Protesters should turn their protesting towards Obama and the Democrat Congress which is the ones who put us into this problem to beginning with. By protesting against AIG we’re falling right into the hands of Obama while our banks and money is falling into his hands as well.

Obama is getting control of your money to do with as he please!

Federal regulators on Friday seized control of two large institutions that provide wholesale financing for U.S. credit unions, a move they say was needed to stabilize the credit union system.

2 corporate credit unions taken over by government


The National Credit Union Administration said it has taken over and put into conservatorship the two corporate credit unions, U.S. Central Federal Credit Union, based in Lenexa, Kan., and Western Corporate Federal Credit Union, in San Dimas, Calif. U.S. Central has about $34 billion in assets while Western Corporate, known as WesCorp, has an estimated $23 billion in assets. Keep reading…

Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby pulling no punches

Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby pulling no punches on “Fox News Sunday”: “a lot of people question” whether Geithner “is the man for the job,” he said, adding that “if he keeps going down this road, I think that he won’t last long.”
As to the deficit? Shelby said “I see a $20 trillion deficit in the years to come” in response to a question from Wallace. Keep Reading…


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5 comments on “Warning: Obama Administration Seeks to TAKE CONTROL OF ALL BANKS & LARGE COMPANIES – VIDEO

  1. Sad to say, but Barky may already have the power to do a lot of damage to the financial sector without the need for further Congressional approval. Even so, it pays to write your people in Congress. Whatever the measures the O ends up implementing, they’ll just be a first step toward economy-wide interference, so that first step needs to be resisted. Harrass Congress! Yes, we can!

  2. I agree and at least for two years he has the democrats congress to back his plans. We The people is the only ones that can stop him from bankrupting our country by letting congress know that they can be and will be replaced in 2010 if they keep supporting his agenda!
    If Obama gets control of all the banks and companies then he has total control over the people and therefore would be an elected dictator! The gentlemen in the Video tells it the way it is!

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