Gov. Sarah Palin’s Popularity Soars in Alaska


Alaskans aren’t fazed much by the ongoing Sarah Palin-bashing taking place in the Lower 48  a new poll indicates the governor’s popularity remains sky high among voters in her home state.

Anchorage-based pollster Hays Research Group says its March survey shows 61.3 percent  nearly two out of every three Alaskans  feel either “very positive” or “positive” about Gov. Palin. Read More

Sarah Palin is still loved by the Alaskans!  Good job you’re doing Sarah!  2012 not far off!


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3 comments on “Gov. Sarah Palin’s Popularity Soars in Alaska

  1. You should look at the full data and the trends. While Governor Palin’s “very positive” numbers have consistently ranged from 40%- 49%, her “positive” numbers have decreased from 37% to 21% in the past year, with most of the drop coming in the last six months.
    Her disapproval numbers are more telling. Her “somewhat negative” numbers have doubled, from 6% to 12%, and her “very negative” numbers have gone from 3% to 20%, almost all within the last six months.
    She has a solid base of support (~45%), but she has totally alienated almost 1/3 of Alaskans.

    goodtimepolitics: Sarah Palin is doing much better than the Ba-rat Obama!
    35% of Voters Approve, 31% Disapproves Obama Performing his Role as President

  2. 61.3% is nearly 2/3’s? Isn’t 61.3% closer to 60%?
    And, more importantly, isn’t this the LOWEST her popularity has ever been? Her approval ratings in the last poll were 63%. Just a tiny decline, true. But the trend is down, not up, for her.

  3. Sarah Palin’s ratings are higher than Barack Obama’s , Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s ratings!

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