Ga. House Republicans Block Obama Honor

The Georgia House voted against approving a resolution that would have honored President Barack Obama and praised him for being a politician with an “unimpeachable reputation for integrity, vision and passion.”

The 70-68 vote Thursday infuriated members of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, who designed the proposal to make him an honorary member of the group. Read More

Georgia Legislative Black Caucus must think Ba-rat is their savior still, he has lied to them and and all Americans and they still want to honor him when he is turning out to be the worst president in many years. Tell me that its not all about skin color!

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7 comments on “Ga. House Republicans Block Obama Honor

  1. Obama has so much news of things going against him that there is just to many to post them all….here he is just a few months into his term as president and there are large protests and the American people has started waking up to the fact that Obama is the worst president in many years. Yes even worst than Jimmy Carter. Thanks helochick for bring up the Special Olympics put down by Obama!

  2. Not only is he a ****. He also wants the wounded military men and women coming home from the war to pay for their own medical treatments. Its is as he’s mad at our military for fighting for America! The veterans need to stand up and let their voices be heard loud and clear!

  3. Latest word is that the plan to **** over wounded vets has been shelved. Dems in Congress knew it was hopeless.

  4. Still Obama wanted to and thats enough for me to think he’s a **** and that he could care less about our fighting men and women!
    Let me add…I use the VA Hospital along with my private doctor and my private insurance pays the VA Hospital for their service to me! But to require veterans to buy health insurance is totally wrong!

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